Purpose of CFP: To strengthen tenure security of informal settler families in the Philippines by consolidating gains achieved through the application of fit-for-purpose land tools.

Project Key Information

  • UN-Habitat Project Title : Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) Phase 3 Programme
  • Locations:
    • Town/City: Muntinlupa, Valenzuela, Davao
    • Country: Philippines
  • Anticipated start date:  01 May 2023
  • Estimated duration of project in calendar months: Eight (8) months
  • Maximum proposed value in US$: 50,000
  • Lead Organization: Land, Housing, and Shelter Section, UN-Habitat

Main Outputs and Activities

In close collaboration with the Land, Housing and Shelter Section of UN-Habitat, Philippines Habitat Country Office, national government agencies (such as DHSUD), local government of Muntinlupa, and other land and housing stakeholders, the implementing partner will be undertaking the following key interventions and activities:

  1. Documentation of tenure security initiatives in informal settlements
  • Documenting land initiatives of the informal settlement in the Philippines on the citywide mapping and STDM application
  • Organize awareness raising activities on climate change and health and its relation to tenure security; gender and land tenure security
  • Analysis of data for action planning
  • Publish knowledge management product highlighting the impacts and experiences of partners working with the informal settlements in the Philippines in improving their tenure security
  1. Pilot Formulation of a Barangay Shelter Plan
  • Courtesy calls with barangays
  • Engagement with city planning department of Muntinlupa
  • Strengthen partnership with the Urban Poor Affairs Office (UPAO)
  • Workshops on the formulation and drafting of Barangay Shelter Plan
  • Draft Barangay Shelter Plan
  1. Promotion of tenure security initiatives from local to national level
  • Organize TAHANAN Summit highlight tenure security initiatives
  • Explore collaboration with the UN Habitat Philippines and Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) in the celebration of Philippine Urban Forum
  1. Project Management and Coordination
  • Develop and implement monitoring, documentation and evaluation plans respectively;
  • Conduct monthly project meetings to ensure effective and efficient project implementation and progress monitoring;
  • Conduct area visits along with project monitoring, engagement with local partners, etc.;
  • Conduct quarterly project evaluation to improve project systems such as communication, reporting, etc.
Consolidating Gains in the Improvement of Tenure Security in Select Informal Settlements in the Philippines