United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

Call for Expressions of Interest: Short-Term Support to the Flagship Global Water Operators` Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) Work in 2023

Introduction / Background

GWOPA is the Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance with its Secretariat led by UN-Habitat and hosted in Bonn, Germany. GWOPA leads the global movement for Water Operators’ Partnerships (WOPs). These peer-support partnerships between water and sanitation service providers work by harnessing the skills, knowledge, and goodwill within a strong utility to build the capacity and improve the performance of another utility that needs assistance or guidance.

The Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) ensures that WOPs are well-known, supported, adopted, and adequately funded and that WOP actors benefit from GWOPA knowledge products and services. Its global membership is comprised of local public water and sanitation service providers from all continents. More information on the initiative can be seen at:

UN-Habitat’s GWOPA Secretariat is seeking collaboration with public or not-for-profit organizations to help in its strategic goals during a high-opportunity period. Successful organizations would enter into an Agreement of Cooperation with UN-Habitat to implement the work for up to USD20,000. Counterpart contribution is an expected and significant criterion in selection.

The Opportunity

2023 is a key period for the Global WOPs Alliance as it prepares for

GWOPA is seeking organizations to collaborate on a co-financing arrangement between January and July 2023 to respond fully to the opportunities presented by these upcoming events and initiatives.

What we are Seeking

We are looking for an organization to support GWOPA in the preparation and implementation of the above events with offers of the following:

  • Through secondment support during the 6 months with skills in advocacy, communications, and event coordination.  Different profiles and working arrangements can be proposed
  • Offers of other types of support (sponsorship of participants, hosting of side events) are also welcome

The Expressions of Interest (EOI) should include, but not be limited to:

  • What is your involvement with GWOPA?
  • Why is your organization interested and well-suited to support GWOPA?
  • How do you propose to support GWOPA with its needs? Please provide your concrete offers of personnel and other support
  • Please indicate the costs of your offer. What cost elements will be offered (in cash or kind) by your organization and what costs are you requesting be covered by GWOPA/UN-Habitat?
  • Applicants must meet the following criteria:
    • A GWOPA member organization (or prepared to become one)
    • Public or Not-for-Profit organizations
    • Working in the water/sanitation/utility/capacity development/cooperation/municipal partnership domain
    • Aligned with and keen to strengthen the work of GWOPA/UN-Habitat

Overall Timeframe

The engagement outlined in this EOI is for 6 months, commencing in the month of January 2023 and ending in the month of July 2023.

 Submission Requirements and Guidelines

Expression of Interest must be delivered by email no later than Friday 16 December to with the reference “EOI-16-12-2022” in the subject of your email. 

Failure to indicate the reference may result in your proposal not being considered.

Contact Information

Julie Perkins, Programme Management Officer, Urban Basic Services Section, UN-Habitat. 


Please note that this EOI notice does not constitute a solicitation. UN-Habitat reserves the right to change or cancel this requirement at any time in the Expressions of Interest/or solicitation process.

Submitting a reply to an EOI does not guarantee that a Cooperation Partner will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued and only Cooperation Partners who are deemed qualified by UN-Habitat upon completion of evaluation of submission will receive the final solicitation document.