How to participate in World Habitat Day 2014

Raise awareness in your city! Here are some ideas for activities you can organize to celebrate this World Habitat Day.

  1. Draw attention to the challenges and issues on this year’s theme, particularly slum upgrading and adequate housing. Give a voice to slum residents, through press articles, radio (radio show concept note) and TV, panel programmes with policy makers, government officials, academics, other professionals and community representatives.
  2. Organize high-level meetings and discussions with national, regional and local governments on the WHD theme towards the new Post-2015 Development Agenda and Habitat III.
  3. Launch the WHD ‘Voices from Slums’ campaign in your city and encourage recording slum stories at the ‘Voices from Slums Library’.
  4. Organize public events to create awareness of the conditions of living in the most vulnerable areas of your city. Use public spaces, theatres and auditoriums for your events.
  5. Organize fund raising, recreational or entertainment activities like sport matches or concerts, and use the proceeds to upgrade and extend services for poor communities.
  6. Encourage your partners to join the ‘Voices from Slums’ campaign.
  7. Collect slum stories from your city (through video, photo, documentaries, articles, etc) and share them with the World Habitat Day Secretariat at UN-Habitat through the Register your event portal.
  8. Visit this website frequently for updates.