Integrated and Multi-Scalar Planning in West Nile Region, Uganda
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Integrated and Multi-Scalar Planning in West Nile Region, Uganda

Arua, due to its strategic geographical position, is a rapidly growing urban center in Uganda’s West Nile Region and an important base for humanitarian operations. The government plans to upgrade Arua to a “regional city”, to include the enlargement of its boundaries and the enhancement of air and rail infrastructure among others, envisioning it as a potential logistic node for North-Western Uganda. However, no strategic framework is provided at regional, city or neighborhood scales to promote a synergic development with neighboring towns (Koboko and Nebbi), districts, and countries (DRC and South Sudan).

This report outlines the results of the research activity undertaken by UN-Habitat and Politecnico di Milano’s Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, MS Lab - including desktop research and field studies, complemented by a fact-finding mission and workshops for the effective interaction with local experts and stakeholders, at both national and local level. Main findings are synthesized with the aim of providing a set of recommendations.