Informal Transport in the Deve
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Informal Transport in the Developing World

This publication is the result of a study commissioned by UNCHS (Habitat) to review the market, organizational and regulatory characteristics of the informal transport sector throughout the world with an eye toward identifying promising enabling and remedial strategies. Part One provides a global portrait of informal transport services by commencing with an overview of the sector, defining its major traits and addressing core policy issues that surround it. Part Two reviews the challenges posed in rationalizing and upgrading informal transport services in Southeast Asia’s three largest metropolises - Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta.

Part Three reviews the evolution of this sector in three other settings: Kingston (Jamaica), Rio de Janeiro and, Sao Paulo (Brazil) and several African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. The concluding Part of the report advances a normative framework for rationalizing and enhancing informal transport services worldwide. It concludes with a summary of core lessons and findings, a near-term action agenda and ideas for future follow-up research.