Name of organization: Bright Idea Community ( BIC )

City: Yogyakata

Project title: Kampong Biogas a Village Energy Independent as a Professional Firm by Urban Youth Citizen

Project details

The project aimed to run a new model of business on renewable energy technology by urban youth citizen. They aimed to create village energy independence by creating biogas units from locally found resources (cattle manure)


Number of beneficiaries:

With the goal of optimizing cattle manure’s potential of home-scale cow rancher to the citizens, the project built 13 complete biogas unit installations which the benefits directly can be felt by up to 60 people live there.

This biogas installation acted as complementary source of energy – especially for daily necessity of cooking – instead of LPG gas tank and firewood. Furthermore the waste from the biogas installation is used as fertilizer for the plants.

The project has 5 skilled people from the local citizen. They have been trained how to build biogas installation, its maintenance and troubleshooting every time we got problem technically on installation.

Number of social enterprises seeded:                          

With so far the 13 completed biogas installations, the community citizens were ready to pay up to 3 million rupiah for one installation – the capital for one biogas installation is up to 1.5 million. This indicated good response from the local citizens that the project is trustable, interesting, and have good prospect on the future.