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Hudur Urban Profile

The Hudur Urban Profile is part of a series of working paper summarizing major aspects of an urban analysis from the spatial perspective for elaborating on solutions for long term urban development and the current displacement crisis in Somalia.

That includes considerations of the development potentials and constraints with a time horizon of five to ten years.

Based on the current Community Action Planning Process in Hudur’s urban villages, the recent establishment of the District Council, and reflecting on local, state and national strategy papers and plans, the paper outlines proposals for town planning and transformations with the integration and upgrading of the many IPD settlements in a way that all residents benefit from the improved living conditions, better access to urban services and job opportunities.

The profile was developed under the Midnimo Programme jointly implemented by International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the United Nation Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), which support the Attainment of Durable Solutions in Areas Impacted by Displacement and Returns in Jubaland and the South-West States. It stems from a newly established UN Peacebuilding

Programme and aligns itself with broader peacebuilding and stabilization objectives championed by the Ministry of Internal and Federal Affairs and Regional Authorities in Jubaland and South-West States.