Having a stable home is now, more than ever, a matter of survival. The Rebuilding Marawi through Community-Driven Shelter and Livelihood project is not only building houses but uplifting the lives of internally displaced people through the power of communities and collaboration.

This #WorldHabitatDay 5th October 2020, everyone behind the Rebuilding Marawi initiative joined the rest of the world in recognizing housing as more than just infrastructure but a catalyst for health and other fundamental rights! #Housing4All #NotJustARoof

Housing as a Shared Responsibility: A Look into the Rebuilding Marawi Project on #WorldHabitatDay

Rebuilding Marawi, Philippines 5 – Housing and Communities

Rebuilding Marawi, Philippines 4 – Housing for all: Dignity and Partnership

Rebuilding Marawi, Philippines  3– Housing for all:COVID-19 Response

Rebuilding Marawi Philippines 2 - Housing for All: Embracing Innovation