Heritopolis working papers – Volume 1
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Heritopolis working papers – Volume 1

Heritage and Metropolis (Heritopolis) is a loose research network established during 2021 to explore how metropolises are being (re-)shaped by heritage redefining their meaning. This largest category of city is growing rapidly in number and their demographic, economic and governance importance globally. Metropolises are also where many of the sustainability and resilience challenges – including potential loss of natural and cultural heritage – are particularly profound.

Recognising these dramatic changes, this research began by posing questions such as ‘What specific role heritage can play in 21st century metropolises?’ and ‘What are the limits of the current heritage paradigms and how metropolitan authorities can change them?’ The work undertaken to date, including the initial analysis of a first baseline survey reported here, confirms the validity of the initial hypothesis: that there is indeed a need to delve deeper into the nature of metropolitan identities and that this is likely to bring significant innovation in the heritage field as an enabler for sustainable development.