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UN-Habitat has developed a program to empower the youth through the provision of training courses on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The main objective of the program is to involve the youth in the green economy contributing to climate change mitigation.

The training to be held in Bujumbura in Burundi addresses the need to engage young people and enables them to become active proponents of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies within their communities. 40 young people from Bujumbura will attend the training which will empower the participants by delivering hands-on training to enable them to design and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The ability to initiate renewable energy projects will ensure that the participants are able to develop profitable green businesses.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to;

  • Build solar lanterns
  • Install small bio-gas systems
  • Set up briquette production to substitute charcoal and firewood
  • Build improved cook stoves
  • Assemble and install solar bulb lights

Note: The workshop that will be organized in two different ways.

One class of three days for experts to provide them a training on energy efficiency in buildings(Brochure Experts - French) , and one class for 5 days  for youth to provide them training on energy efficiency and renewable energies(Brochure Jeunesse - French).

icon1  For more information download Bujumbura Youth Training Brochure.