The deadline for side event application is 15 April 2019

Side Events Application Guide Background

Side events are short discussions or presentations relevant to the overall theme and sub-theme of the UN-Habitat Assembly and take place only at the margin of the official UN-Habitat Assembly meetings, i.e. during lunch time for a duration of 1 ½ hours maximum. Member States, UN-Habitat, United Nations system organization and other accredited stakeholders are invited to apply to host a side event.


A. Schedule of side events

Side events will be an important element of the UN-Habitat Assembly and will be held from Monday, 27 May through to Thursday 30 May 2019 from 1.15 to 2.45 pm with specific dates to be confirmed upon selection for side events.


B. Criteria for Selection

All proposals will be reviewed against the criteria outlined below and all applicants will be informed of the outcome of the selection process from 23 April 2019.

The side events must be relevant to the overall theme of the UN-Habitat Assembly which is Innovation for Better Quality of Life in Cities and Communities (Sub-Title: “Accelerated Implementation of the NUA towards achievement of the SDGs).

Side events could also reflect UN-Habitat’s Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025 comprising four goals or Domains of Change outlined below.

  1. Reduced spatial inequality and poverty in communities across the urban - rural continuum(includes basic services including water, solid waste, water and sanitation, mobility, public spaces, land, housing, slum upgrading and urban regeneration)
  2. Enhanced shared prosperity of cities and regions; (includes spatial connectivity and productivity, local economy, frontier technology)
  3. Strengthened climate action and improved urban environment; (includes greenhouse gas emissions, air quality, resource efficiency, protection of ecological assets, climate change adaptation)
  4. Effective urban crisis prevention and response (includes inclusive communities, migration, IDPs and refugees, resilience). 

Other selection criteria include:

  • Number of partners involved in organizing and hosting the side event
  • Demonstration that the activity resonates with stakeholders and the work programme of UN-Habitat;
  • Quality of the proposal.

C. Guidelines for Event organizers

  1. Side events can be organized by Member States, UN-Habitat Divisions and Branches, United Nations Agencies and accredited stakeholders to the UN-Habitat Assembly.
  2. Side events will last a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes and will be announced on the website of UN-Habitat, as well as on the electronic notice panels in the hallway of the United Nations main entrance and outside each allocated side event room.
  3. Organizers should plan to hold their event in English or make their own interpretation arrangements (consecutive interpretation without booth) as interpretation services are not available for side events.
  4. Each room will be equipped with a laptop (incl. CD Drive), beamer and screen for projection of videos, slides or power-point presentation, as well as microphones on request. Organizers, who need to use their own laptop with an VGA output are advised to bring adaptors for Apple equipment (if applicable) and to make themselves available shortly before the event for equipment testing. It is not possible to provide any other technical equipment.
  5. The seating capacity for each side event room is between 50 - 70 people and all have the same layout. Please note that the layout cannot be changed.
  6. Only printed materials that are directly related to the agenda of the UN-Habitat Assembly can be distributed during a side event. The Conference Secretariat reserves the right to remove materials judged to be inappropriate.
  7. The sale of printed materials or any goods on UN grounds during the side events or at any other time is strictly prohibited.
  8. Side event organizers are advised not to set up displays or put up posters on meeting room walls during a side event or at any other time during the official meeting to avoid removal and loss of their materials. A limited number of reports or publications may be distributed.
  9. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the UN meeting rooms.
  10. It is the responsibility of the event organizers and their speakers to make their own arrangements for obtaining the delegates pass to enter UN Gigiri in good time before the event.

Please contact Ms. in case of any question.


Note: Submissions must be submitted online via the application portal found below.

          Submissions received after the deadline, and in another language than English, cannot be considered.