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Urban Solutions Expo

The UN-Habitat Assembly

The UN-Habitat Assembly is the world’s highest level decision-making body on urbanization. All 193 member states of the UN are members. The Assembly is expected to make decisions and pass resolutions that will frame the global urbanization agenda, look at major trends, norms and standards related to human settlements and sustainable urbanization and advise on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals and other global agendas. The Assembly will meet every four years.


The first session of the UN-Habitat Assembly will take place on 27 – 31 May 2019 and will attract over 2,000 international delegates.



The theme is “Innovation for a better quality of life in Cities and Communities” with the sub theme: “Accelerated implementation of the New Urban Agenda towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals


The Expo

An Urban Solutions Expo promoting innovative and sustainable solutions for the challenges facing cities and communities will take place in support of the theme. UN-Habitat invites governments, local authorities, UN agencies, international organizations, private sector, civil society, academia and other stakeholders to present innovative projects, establish connections and look at how we can reshape the future of our cities and communities.


The Expo will comprise:

  • Exhibition booths for showcasing projects, best practices and projects.
  • Networking and informal discussion spaces.
  • An Innovations Tent showcasing frontier technologies and cutting-edge initiatives.

List of Exhibitors

  1. AbuDhabi National Exhibition Company
  2. ADEC Innovations
  3. AKYAS
  4. Architectural Association of Kenya
  5. Architects Sweden
  6. Arvet
  7. Bamburi Cement Ltd
  8. Bitraffic
  9. Block by Block
  10. Build Academy
  11. Caliken IoT
  12. CENTUM
  13. Chandaria Foundation
  14. China Academy of Urban Planning and Design
  15. China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd
  16. Code for Africa
  17. Craft Silicon
  18. Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, United Arab Emirates
  19. Digital Rights Initiative
  21. Ecosave Consultants
  22. Eed advisory
  23. Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi
  24. Ericsson
  25. Gearbox
  26. Global Land Tool Network
  27. Government of Uganda
  28. Greenhub
  29. Habi-nex
  30. Habitat Norway
  31. Homebiogas by Amiran Kenya
  32. Huawei
  33. Hydraform Building Technology
  34. In Praise of Shadows
  35. International Association of Providers of AIDS Care
  36. International Ecocity Standards – EcoSafe
  37. irisehub
  38. Kaiote limited
  39. KCB Foundation
  40. Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations
  41. Kenya Tourism Board
  42. Kumkang Kind Co., Ltd.
  43. Lego
  44. Liquid Telecom
  45. MASS Design Group
  46. Metropoli Group
  47. Ministry of Housing and Urban Development – Cameroon
  48. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China
  49. Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs – Saudi Arabia
  50. Ministry of Popular Power for Habitat and Housing – Venezuela
  51. Ministry of Public Work and Highways – Yemen
  53. Nairobi City County Government
  54. National Housing Corporation – Kenya
  55. Needlab
  56. NLÉ Works
  57. Numeral IoT
  58. Ona Stories
  59. Opibus Ltd
  60. Orkidstudio
  61. Phenara Investments Company Limited
  62. Plan International
  63. Polytanks & Containers K Ltd
  64. Precious Plastic Kisii
  65. Public Space Network
  66. Refugee Shelter
  67. Rendeavour / Tatu City
  68. School of Alternative Skills Development (SASD)
  69. Slum Dwellers International (SDI) 
  70. Södra
  71. Songyang County People’s Government
  72. SSA: Uganda Human Settlements Network
  73. State Department for Housing and Urban Development – Kenya
  74. Strathmore University
  75. Swedish School in Nairobi
  76. Techno Brain Group
  77. Tencent
  78. Transparency International
  79. Tridealhouse
  80. UNEP
  81. United Cities and Local Governments
  82. Urban Development Directorate – Bangladesh
  83. Urbanice Malaysia, Ministry of Housing and Local Government Malaysia
  84. URBANstudio
  85. Urbid
  86. United States International University in Africa (USIU)
  87. UNV
  88. Verdentum Technologies
  89. Visaka
  90. Wall-Ties Forms INC
  91. Waste Wise Cities

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Application to Exhibit at the UN-Habitat Assembly is now closed

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