The role of transportation and mobility is well recognized as an important driver towards sustainable development and continues to be further enhanced by the world leaders and the international community, who seek to employ innovative and ambitious urban transport solutions. Sustainable urban mobility planning can improve the quality of life, social equity, transport accessibility, intermodal integration, economic viability, urban attractiveness, sustainability, and environmental quality by ensuring that all people, businesses, and other affected parties are involved and benefit from this process.

Although SUMPs are a common practice in many cities in Europe and around the world, they remain a relatively new concept in Kosovo. Guidelines for Developing and Implementing a SUMP in Kosovo’s cities (also referred as National Guidelines on SUMP) aim to explain the approach and methodology followed by both municipalities towards the completion of their respective SUMPs. The document presents a strategy for efficient movement of people and transportation of goods and potential sources of funding towards the implementation of mobility investments by considering social, environmental, and economic connectivity dimensions.

Based in international guidance and best practices (in particular the European Guidelines for Developing and Implementing a SUMP and UN-Habitat’s directions towards Planning and Design for Sustainable Urban Mobility), and tailored to fit the local context, this document represents two different case studies (that of the Municipality of Mitrovica South and the Municipality of Mitrovica North), which may serve as guidance to other municipalities in Kosovo in terms of preparing their respective SUMPs. The implementation of a SUMP would improve and harmonize the needs of all traffic participants for free and safe movement while enhancing citizens living comfort, ensuring a better quality of life, and at the same time reducing transport-related emissions. 

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