image013The Guide to Land Mediation mainly draws its inspiration from practical experience on the ground of the land program conducted by UN-Habitat in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, especially in North Kivu, South Kivu and Ituri.

This guide offers practical steps and tools used during the land mediation process. The publication highlights, not only the role and responsibilities of mediation stakeholders and beneficiaries, but also principles and foundations of a good mediation.

This guide particularly applies to contexts of countries characterized by weak institutional, administrative, customary/ traditional capacities and ineffectiveness at the political, administrative and judicial systems. This practical guide mainly targets humanitarian actors working on land conflicts mediation, on one hand and stakeholders who are involved in peace-keeping, community rehabilitation and social cohesion programmes on the other hand. State institutions in general and land administration agents in particular will find in this guide a set of tools and ideas to deal with land conflicts.

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ISBN: 978-92-1-132559-1
HS Number: 021/13E
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Pages: 70
Year: 2013
Publisher: UN-HABITAT
Co-Publisher : GLTN
Languages: Français, English
Themes: Land & Tenure, Land and Housing
Branch/Office: Land and Global Land Tool Network Unit