Guide to deliver capacity-building using digital tools
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Guide to deliver capacity-building using digital tools

The Guide to deliver capacity-building using digital tools provides UN-Habitat staff with clear definitions and an overview of digital capacity-building trends and tools applicable to its work and mandate. It aims to support an increased integration of digital capacity-building approaches and tools in UN-Habitat and its partners.

Although technology has been progressively transforming education worldwide for a number of years, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this transformation.

Innovative tools enable the delivery of completely new learning experiences. Online learning in particular allows anyone with internet access to gain knowledge and skills outside of the typical classroom or meeting room setting.

Technology can help to deliver training in a user-friendly, interactive and visually stimulating manner. Remote learning enabled by digital technologies can reduce costs associated with on-site training, transportation and accommodation, while enabling capacity-building activities to impact a wider audience. This helps to improve inclusivity by reaching individuals who may otherwise not be able to participate.

This guide has been developed by UN-Habitat’s Capacity Development and Training Unit using internal resources. Its content is intended primarily for internal use. It is considered to be a living document and will evolve over time.