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Greater Cairo Urban Development Strategy

Recognizing  GC’s  importance  and  the  vital  role  it plays in Egypt and the whole Arab and African region,  the  GOPP  has  formulated  the  future  vision of the GC as a first step to prepare the GC strategic  plan.  A  number  of  international  and  local  experts  specializing  in  various  fields  have  participated in the development of the GC future vision.
This  report  presents  the  proposed  vision  and  specifies   the   GC   development   policies   and   projects required to facilitate the preparation of the GC urban development strategy. The  study  area  will  cover  the  urban  mass  of  the  Cairo  Governorate  and  some  areas  of  the  Governorates of Giza and Qalyubia, in addition to   some   of   new   urban   communities   (6th   of   October,  Sheikh  Zayed,  the  15th  of  May,  New  Cairo, Obour, Shorouk and Badr)