The Geneva Office's duties are to manage and lead UN-Habitat’s policy dialogue, partnerships and collaborative programmes with the large number of humanitarian and development agencies and NGOs located in the international hub city of Geneva. The Office actively initiates and supports UN-Habitat and joint field programmes with partner agencies as well as representing UN-Habitat’s priorities and institutional comparative advantages with permanent missions and donors for resource mobilization.

The Geneva Office also serves as a major focal point for inter-agency dialogue on sustainable urbanization among Geneva-based organizations engaged in global challenges of poverty eradication, social inclusion, climate change, energy security and conflict mitigation. The Geneva Office plays an active role in policy deliberations for the post-2015 agenda-setting by providing the sustainable urbanization perspective on goals and targets under consideration. The Office maintains an on-going dialogue with sister agencies in support of priority-setting for the Third Housing and Sustainable Urbanization Conference and its potential interface with other global conferences including the World Humanitarian Summit and Second Hyogo Framework Conference.

The Geneva Office serves as the key liaison and representative of UN-Habitat to the Inter-Agency Standing Committee of which it is a member on international humanitarian effectiveness, particularly in urban areas. The Geneva Office supports UN-Habitat’s regional and country offices with specialized expertise for humanitarian programme development for relief and reconstruction in shelter/housing, land management and property rights, water and sanitation infrastructure and local economic development, governance and capacity building at both national and sub-national levels.

Representation and liaison

  • Represent UN-Habitat in relations with IASC, UN humanitarian and development entities and with the permanent donor missions in Geneva
  • Liaise with UN-Habitat’s regional and country offices on matters pertaining to policy and programme, UN bodies, permanent missions and major donors
  • Monitor and evaluate and submit inputs to the results-based management system and cost recovery.

Inter-agency collaboration and partnerships

  • Provide strategic oversight and leadership to the agency’s participation in all relevant IASC working groups, bodies, clusters and task forces
  • Participate in other UN organizations’ governing bodies
  • Liaise with the private sector for strategic engagement in work programme and global campaigns
  • Provide inputs to mainstreaming the sustainable urbanization and urban poverty agenda in the policies and programmes of other UN agencies.

Policy dialogue and advocacy

  • Lead the development of UN-Habitat policies and strategies
  • Undertake a policy dialogue with all stakeholders, both existing and potential, including member States, UN agencies, NGOs, think-tanks, policy institutes and the private sector to promote a positive view of the Habitat Agenda and UN-Habitat’s campaigns, policies, programmes and projects
  • Assist in mobilizing support and participation in UN-Habitat conferences and events such as the World Urban Forum, the Governing Council and World Habitat Day.

Programme management

  • Lead UN-Habitat’s engagement, in collaboration with relevant units, in IASC coordinated disaster response and recovery through rapid deployment schemes, programmes and projects
  • Provide updated analysis of disaster risks, trends and related strategies, particularly in urban areas
  • Under the lead of normative units provide support to the humanitarian policy and response system on policies, strategies and tools for disaster management related in activities.

Resource mobilization

  • Liaise with key donor agencies to secure funding for both core and recurrent humanitarian functions and operations and the UN-Habitat work programme.

Country Beneficiaries


UN Habitat Geneva Office International Environmental House Two, 5th floor 7 Chemin de Balexert 1219 Châtelaine, Geneva, Switzerland