Gender equality and women’s empowerment are crosscutting issues in UN-Habitat and are key priorities in the agency’s mandate.  The UN-Habitat Gender Equality Secretariat works to ensure gender equality is systematically integrated into all UN-Habitat projects and programmes, and to increase the number of cities formulating and implementing sustainable urbanization policies that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment at all levels.

The Advisory Group on Gender Issues (AGGI), Gender Focal Points within each branch, regional offices, and various partners work with UN-Habitat toward achieving this goal. However, a city can become gender inclusive, equitable, and prosperous only if everyone strives to improve women’s rights, promote equal participation in decision-making, and develop services that benefit women and men equally in all programmes. Women and men, boys and girls, institutions, schools, universities, media, and businesses, should all be engaged in promoting every person’s right to city, irrespective of gender or age.

The Gender Equality Network provides a forum for members and interested parties to highlight challenges and to propose solutions in order to create more gender inclusive cities. Groups and discussions about publications, on-going activities, projects, and programmes are open to all interested members of the network.


Gender Equality Network