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Gender and Economic Development

This report surveys research and policy in the field of gender and economic development, with particular emphasis on economic literature and practice. The begins with a history of gender and economic development thought, and includes a statistical overview of women and men in developing economies, covering data on employment, Millennium Development Goals, and composite indices of gender equality. 

The report is mainly based on an analytical framework for applying gender and economic development concepts to policy by linking production relations in the household to macroeconomy. The household model, it emphasizes how gender structures the conditions of provisioning and the consequences for women's empowerment and human capabilities. It contrasts standard economic approaches to macroeconomy with one that reflects how meso-level institutions like markets or the public sector are themselves "bearers of gender", explicitly incorporating the production of human capabilities in the domestic sector.

It applies this framework to a survey of current gender and economic development issues, including globalization, liberalization and women's empowerment, the gendered terrain of central bank policy, the relationship between gender equality and economic growth, and the macroeconomics of economic development and care.