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    26th Session of the UN-Habitat Governing Council 8-12 May 2017

    • Call for side events

    The side event application is now closed.

    • Schedule of side events

    Side events are an important element of the Governing Council and will be held from Monday, 8 May through to Thursday 11 May 2017 during the schedule indicated herein, with specific timings to be confirmed upon selection for side events.
    Possible timings are:
    1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
    2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
    6:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
    Side events scheduled in the evening will incur extra cost and will need to be borne by the organizer. A guarantee of payment is necessary by a UN-Habitat division or branch requesting to host or partnering with the event organizer.
    C.        Criteria for Selection
    A maximum of one proposal will be selected per Divisions, Branches, Member States and other stakeholders to ensure a balanced and equal chance for all applicants. All proposals will be reviewed against the criteria outlined below and all applicants will be informed of the outcome of the selection process by 12 April 2017. The process will be guided by the following:

    • Relevance of the event to the mandate of UN-Habitat.
    • Relevance of the event to the theme of the twenty-sixth session of the Governing Council which is: ‘Opportunities for the effective implementation of the New Urban Agenda’, with the following sub-themes;

    Sub-theme 1: ‘Towards inclusive, sustainable and adequate housing for a better future’
    Sub-theme 2: ‘Synergies and financing for sustainable urbanization’
    Sub-theme 3: ‘Integrated human settlements planning for sustainable urbanization’

    •  Demonstration that the activity resonates with stakeholders and the work programme of UN-Habitat;
    • Quality of the proposal;
    • Demonstration of strong partnerships in hosting and organizing the side event.

    D.        Guideline for Application
    Organizations interested in hosting a side event must provide the following information within the deadline:

      • Title of the proposed event
      • Outline the purpose of the event (100 words max)
    • A brief description of the  extent to which the event will be relevant to the mandate of UN-Habitat and  the theme of the twenty-sixth session of  Governing Council  based upon the title referred to in paragraph C above ( maximum of 60 words.).
    • The number and names of other organizations / institutions partnering in organizing and/or hosting the proposed event.
    • The preferred date and time slot for the proposed event (Please note, this is for preference only and cannot be guaranteed)
    • Organizer Information
    • Full name of contact person
    • Telephone or Mobile number
    • Email address
    • Physical address

    E.         Guidelines for event organizers
    1.         Side events are open to all partners.
    2.        Side events will last a maximum of 45 minutes and will be announced on the website of UN-Habitat,, as well as on the electronic notice panels in the hallway of the United Nations main entrance and outside each allocated side event room.
    3.         Organizers should plan to hold their event in English or make their own interpretation arrangements (consecutive interpretation without booth) as interpretation services are not available for side events.
    4.         Each room will be equipped with a laptop (incl. CD Drive), beamer and screen for projection of video’s, slides or power-point presentation, as well as microphones on request. Organizers, who need to use their own laptop with an VGA output are advised to bring adaptors for Apple equipment (if applicable) and to make themselves available at least on hour before the event for equipment testing. It is not possible to provide any other technical equipment.
    5.         The seating capacity for each side event room is between 50 – 70 people and all have the same layout. Please note that the layout cannot be changed.
    6.         Only printed materials that are directly related to the agenda of the Governing Council of UN-Habitat can be distributed during a side event. The Conference Secretariat reserves the right to remove materials judged to be inappropriate.
    7.         The sale of printed materials or any goods on UN grounds during the side events or at any other time is strictly prohibited.
    8.         Side event organizers are advised not to set up displays or put up posters on meeting room walls during a side event or at any other time during the official meeting to avoid removal and loss of their materials. The distribution of fliers is also prohibited.   A limited number of reports or publications may be distributed.
    9.         Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the UN meeting rooms.
    10.       It is the responsibility of the event organizers to make their own arrangements for obtaining the access pass.
    Further information can be found on the GC26 website at


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