Inclusive Communities, Thriving Cities
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Flagship Programme 1 “Inclusive Communities, Thriving Cities”

What is the Flagship Programme 1?

UN-Habitat’s Flagship Programme 1 “Inclusive Communities, Thriving Cities” was launched during the World Urban Forum 10 in Abu Dhabi in 2019. The objective of the programme is to promote social and environmental value creation globally by supporting governments and urban actors to build more inclusive and thriving neighbourhoods and communities through integrated urban regeneration.

Under the Flagship, UN-Habitat has developed an area- and human rights-based approach to urban regeneration with a focus on spatial inclusion (through the reduction of poverty, inequality and vulnerability) and on enhanced prosperity (through local socio-economic development). Placing people at the centre, the agency promotes policies, programmes, plans and projects that focus on leveraging the positive impacts of urban transformations to improve access to jobs, services, facilities and public space, increased social mix, adequate housing, improved urban environment, sustainable urban mobility, safety and culture. 

The Booklet presents an  overview presents an overview of the Programme impact and strategy to advance inclusive and sustainable urban regeneration worldwide. Building on UN-Habitat’s vast experience, the Booklet showcases recent urban regeneration initiatives from Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, China and Kosovo.