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Every October, UN-Habitat and partners organize a month of activities, events and discussions on urban sustainability. This year, Urban October activities will begin with World Habitat Day on 5 October.

The purpose of World Habitat Day is to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. It is also intended to remind the world that we all have the power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities and towns.

World Habitat Day was established in 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution 40/202, and was first celebrated in 1986. It takes place on the first Monday of October.

In 2019 the Global Observance of World Habitat Day was held in Mexico City with the theme “Frontier Technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste to wealth”.  More information is available on

In 2020 the Global Observance will be held in Surabaya, Indonesia.

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