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Final Evaluation: Promoting low emission urban development strategies in emerging economy countries’ (Urban-LEDS), December 2016

This Final Evaluation of the Urban-LEDS Project was carried out during the period May – September 2016. The Objective of the Project is “to enhance the transition [of cities] to low emission urban development in emerging economy countries.”  The Project began in March 2012 and ended in March 2016 (48 months). The total Project budget provided by the European Commission was €6.7 million Euros.

The primary purpose of this Final Evaluation assesses the achievements of the overall Objective “Cities in emerging economy countries adopt Urban Low Emission Development Strategies,” the Expected Accomplishment (EA), the two sub-EAs, and results. Sub-EA 1 of the Project was to adapt a national-level approach to city-level low emissions strategies development. This was to be accomplished through the preparation of LED strategies in Project Model Cities and where possible in Satellite Cities. The evaluation will also focus on Project results to establish, by design, a vertically integrated project approach that addresses climate change issues between different levels of government. This includes advocacy and support activities at the global level. The Expected Accomplishments of the Urban LEDS Project have been achieved in an outstanding manner.