Event date
Surabaya, Indonesia

The New Urban Agenda (NUA) was agreed by UN Member States in Quito in 2016, after preparatory consultations and negotiations in New York, Nairobi and Surabaya. The focus needs now to be on realizing the NUA commitments, even more so in the Decade of Action on achieving the SDGs by 2030.
UN-Habitat is launching a multi-stakeholder global platform and forum to capture our collective work to achieve these goals and to encourage dialogue and exchange. This Urban Agenda Platform is being launched at the World Habitat Day Global Commemoration on 5 and 6 October, in Surabaya, Indonesia.
The Surabaya programme will be virtually accessible around the world.

The Urban Agenda Platform is a UN-Habitat facilitated global online forum for sharing progress, action and knowledge on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda to achieve sustainable urban development.
The Platform brings together the UN system, national, regional and local governments, the private sector, civil society, academia, and other partners to accelerate the implementation of the NUA and SDGs. The Platform shares and systematizes advancements on the New Urban Agenda and urban-related SDGs and allows the tracking of progress through systematic reporting. It encourages interactions and synergies between multiple stakeholders working on sustainable urban development. It provides global baseline reports for seminal events like the biannual UN-Habitat hosted World Urban Forums.

The Platform includes the following attributes:
(i) Member State reporting on the Implementation of the NUA and urban SDGs
(ii) NUA Monitoring Framework and related indicators
(iii) Tracking of actions and commitments including those generated at World Urban Forums
(iv) Best practices, case studies, and resources on implementing the NUA and urban-rated SDGs
(v) Learning and capacity development tools to accelerate implementation

The event will include:
a. A virtual tour of the Platform to demonstrate its key features for engagement.
b. Introduction of co-products on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda: NUA
Illustrated and NUA Crash Course as capacity development tools.
c. Roundtable discussion by key speakers representing multi-stakeholder engagement on implementing the New Urban Agenda on reporting progress, and the potential of
the Platform to support accelerated action.
d. Participation through Q&A

Both events will bring together government representatives, partners, stakeholders and the UN system. Speakers at the Webinar Roundtable will be from Government representatives, local governments, local and government associations, civil society, academia and the UN system.