Event date
Moscow, Russia, Rudn University

Urbanization is a global tendency. Up to 70% of the world population is projected to live in cities by 2050. How will this rapid urbanization alter the face of the world? What are the environmental consequences of megacities’ expansion? What are smart solutions to make life in cities safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly? These and other important questions are addressed by the conference SSC-2020. SSC conference is organized each second year in Moscow – the largest European megapolis. SSC conference is an excellent discussion platform for a broad audience, including scientific and research community, municipal services, environmental protection agencies and stakeholders working in urban management and greenery. SSC-2020 will strengthen the developed inter-disciplinary status of the meeting and at the same time will put extra attention to advanced technological solutions to monitor, evaluate and manage ecosystem services provides by urban green infrastructure.

This year’s theme for the conference will be «Advanced technologies for sustainable development of urban green infrastructure». Megapolises are complex ecosystems. Air and water quality, vegetation and soils in megapolises are exposed to anthropogenic influence. Studying negative environmental consequences of the anthropogenic and technogenic pressures is among the key tasks of urban ecology and environmental impact assessment. Advanced approaches and smart technologies to monitor, model and assess environmental consequences and risks in megapolises will be widely discussed at the conference. Searching for solutions of the environmental problems of modern megapolises will be the key point of the conference. Successful experiences of sustainable urban development including management and design of green infrastructure, waste management, run-off purification and remediation of urban soils will be presented.