Webinar: Private Sector Partnership Forum Web Conference on June 24 – 26, 2020
Event date

We wish to invite you to a 3-day Private Sector Partnership Forum bringing together innovators, investors, financing partners, governments and local communities to take stock of the disruptive technologies, novel business models and innovative solutions that can be deployed to transform living conditions in slums and informal settlements.

The eForum will take place on WebEx from Wednesday, 24 to Friday 26 June 2020.

The Forum provides a platform for matching the needs of slum residents and demands of cities with innovative solutions from start-ups, existing businesses, financial institutions and investors. It seeks to:

  1. Demonstrate business potential and explore opportunities to develop and deploy low-cost innovative solutions in slums and informal settlements
  2. Explore opportunities for partnership and matchmaking governments and investors with investable innovative solutions and models
  3. Develop a robust pipeline of bankable and investment-ready projects for implementation in slums and informal settlements

We welcome you to register for the eForum and access the Programme on our webpage: www.mypsup.org

For further information, contact us on unhabitat-psup@un.org and CC: juliette.page@un.org and anna.sobczak@un.org