Event date
Warsaw, Poland

The Urban October Observation in Poland will consist of two events:

1. III National Urban Forum - the new Urban Policy challenges (16 October 2020) - organised by the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy of the Republic of Poland.
Description: The coming meeting, as part of the National Urban Forum, will be devoted to presentation of draft assumptions for an update of the National Urban Policy 2023 and presentation of the ongoing and planned activities for sustainable urban development. The meeting will also be an opportunity to present preparations for the organisation of the 11th session of the World Urban Forum and the work of the Forum programme sub-team carried out so far.
The National Urban Forum allows for a wide debate about national stakeholders, governmental, regional and local administration entities, as well as experts dealing with urban development, from the scientific and research perspective, as well as representatives of urban movements.
The National Urban Forum is also a response to the obligations of Poland resulting from the adoption of the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development and implementation of 17 sustainable development goals. Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities is of particular importance. Its implementation requires an integrated policy and plans which inter alia refer to increasing the inclusion and efficiency of the use of resource in cities, improving accessibility of cities or mitigating the effects and adapting to climate change. In its work, the Forum refers to international experiences and draws on them, including the Agenda 2030, other initiatives of the United Nations (UN Habitat), OECD and the Urban Agenda for the EU.

Contact person to the event: wiktoria.saganowska@mfipr.gov.pl

2. Urban October 2020 Competition for Elementary Schools | WUF11 – How do you see Katowice in 2022 (from 5 October 2020 till 30 October 2020) - organised by the City of Katowice.
Description: the City of Katowice is inviting elementary schools to participate in a competition, that will revolve around the topic of development of urban centers in the 21st century, safety and community values being key points for the main theme.

1.Children age: 7-9 (grades I-III elementary school) – drawings or paintings, depicting how they see the City of Katowice changing in the upcoming decade.
2.Open for all ages – virtual challenge – making a short video with an invitation for World Urban Forum that will focus on their hopes for the future as well as will be anchored within the city landscape, mainly focusing on the their neighborhoods.
3.Children age: 10 – 14 (grades IV-VIII elementary school) – building the City’s Market Square in 2022, using the game of Minecraft.

Final Ceremony will take place on 30 October 2020 with participation of the Mayor of Katowice, as well as The Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy;
Participation of Polish Youtube creators is also forseen.

Contact person to the event: martyna.medrek@katowice.eu

Conference (16 Oct) & Children Competition (5-30 Oct)