Event date
San Jose, Costa Rica

Urbanalytica is a data-driven collaborative platform of urban analysis to improve the quality of life in urban areas. This is why during the month of October, we would like to create an awareness campaign of 'Smart, Sustainable, and Inclusive cities' through our website and social media platforms.

The activity consists of giving voice to different experts and local actors through a series of posts so that they can express their ideas and thoughts on how to achieve Sustainable cities and communities. We would start by posting our vision of what a smart, sustainable, and inclusive city/community means for our organization, and then open the conversation to the other participants. Our goal is to contact experts of different fields that interact with the urban field, both from our home country Costa Rica and from around the world: professionals, leaders, local actors, community-representatives.

Each post would include key facts & insights on different topics and strategies for sustainable communities: circular economy, mobility and transport, nature-based solutions, safe and inclusive communities, innovative and smart solutions, citizen empowerment, clean energies, planning policies.

The topic of Sustainable Cities is broad, so we believe that through this awareness initiative we can provide useful information through our platform. Our main goal is that people can share ideas and hopefully find ways to engage in sustainable initiatives in their communities. During the month of October, we would visibilize different sustainable urban topics and strategies, so that experts, actors, and citizens can join the conversation.

Names and Titles of Speakers:

Arq. Ariela Valverde, MSc. Urbanalytica CR;

Ing. Maria Jose Jimenez, MSc. Urbanalytica CR