Event date
UN-Habitat - Regional Office for Arab States (ROAS)

Second Regional Urban Profiling Workshop
6-7 November 2019
UN-ESCWA, Beirut

Urban profiling is key tool for urban analysis, to guide humanitarian response, and assist in the
reconstruction and recovery phase for conflict-affected cities.
A Regional Urban Profiling project started in October 2018, with the aim of developing five city
profiles in Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria covering different forms of post/in crisis urban challenges.
The project aims at developing an action framework for the selected cities through retrieving
crucial data and information that support developing reconstruction, recovery and urban
development plans. The project implemented its kick-off workshop in January 2019 in cooperation
with UN-ESCWA in Beirut, Lebanon to identify common regional post-crisis urban challenges, urban
profiling methodologies and discuss lessons learned from previous profiling exercises.
The second regional workshop aims to streamline future profiling in the region by discussing the
urban frameworks and working themes, tools and strategies used to support the analysis of urban
pillars and consolidate them into a shared urban framework with an analysis toolbox.
These topics would rely on the experience of Libya, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Headquarters.
Each country would be presenting a tool that has been rendered very useful in their case and the
challenges they have faced upon implementing other tools; resulting in a tool inventory for the
Furthermore, the workshop will explore the possibilities of a regional urban data platform for
tracking urban recovery. The second day of the workshop will focus on data portals. Experts from
the countries with experience on data portals will present their portal structure, data on the
portal/acquired, data visualization, data harmonization, service providers and propose methods to
update the data platform using other stakeholders like UN agencies, community focal points and


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