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The Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt is pleased to host the Second Arab Land Conference, that will be organized under the patronage of the Egyptian Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities. The Conference is organized by the Housing and Building National Research Centre represented by the Urban Training and Studies Institute in partnership with UN-Habitat, the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), the World Bank, GIZ, the Dubai Land Department, and the Network of Excellence of Land Governance in Africa (NELGA).


The conference marks an important milestone in the roadmap towards establishing good land governance in the Arab region. It will focus on the priorities of the Arab Land Initiative: promote collaboration and coordination; develop and share knowledge; develop capacities of individuals and organizations; and support the implementation of land-related programmes and interventions. The Conference will be a platform to discuss countries experiences, present new research, foster high-level commitment to improve land management and empower and develop the capacities of land stakeholders from the region.


The conference will have plenary Opening and Closing Sessions and an Assembly on Youth and Civil Society, in addition to High-Level Sessions, Technical Sessions, Roundtables and Masterclasses.

High level sessions will be organized on:

  1. Land management in a time of crisis
  2. Modernization and reform of land administration; and
  3. Women and land.

Technical sessions will be organized on:

  1. Technologies and smart solutions;
  2. Private sector participation;
  3. Land management and administration;
  4. Land management in a time of crisis, including conflicts, climate change and epidemics;
  5. Land use;
  6. Land, women and vulnerable groups; and
  7. Land registration.

Round tables will be organized on:

  1. Good land governance and land degradation neutrality,
  2. Displaced women's HLP rights, and
  3. Land consolidation. 

Masterclasses will be organized on:

  1. (1a) Capacity development progress in North Africa; (1b) Towards a common strategy for capacity development in the Arab region;
  2. Monitoring land governance and land tenure security;
  3. Land as a human right;
  4. Land registration and fit-for-purpose land administration;
  5. Land-based financing;
  6. Learning from Cairo’s Informal Settlements;
  7. Displaced people's HLP rights for durable solutions and return;
  8. Land for affordable housing and land readjustment; and
  9. Open Data training on access to information and land.


You can find here the updated online programme of the Conference or you can download it here.


Register online to attend the Second Arab Land Conference. No registration fee applied!


For more information, visit the Arab Land Initiative web site or get in touch with the Conference organisers: unhabitat-arablandinitiative@un.org


We look forward to partnering with all of you for a successful and inclusive Second Arab Land Conference!

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