Event date
Edmonton, Canada

“The Green Heart” is a unique interdisciplinary study to rigorously examine if increasing greenness in an urban community will reduce the levels of air pollution in the neighborhood, decrease the risk of heart disease. With funding support from the US National Institutes of Health and The Nature Conservancy, Green Heart’s research in Louisville will help cities to discover:
• How to plant (and sustain) trees in urban communities to maximize the removal of air pollution
• If increasing green space affects the risk of developing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease
• If increasing urban green space reduces mental stress, enhances social cohesion, increases physical activity
• The intersection of tactical greening and research
Attendees will have a chance to engage with the leaders of this program and share their interests and questions related to green city research. This program is designed to provide an opportunity for your agency to think through application of this university/conservation community partnership model for your community.

• Ted Smith, Ph.D., Envirome Institute
• Joy Hart, Ph.D., University of Louisville
• Ben Spoer, Ph.D., Manager of Metrics and Analytics, NYU School of Medicine

Learning Objectives
• Participants will learn strategies underway to study work in urban green infrastructure
• How to train and support your local research community to engage your work in urban ecology and ongoing research.
• Where to get cutting edge research to strengthen your programs and initiatives

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