Event date
Rydges on Swanston, Melbourne | Australia

With more than 60% of Australia’s local government leaders either thinking about planning a smart project or have picked one that is yet to start, the Smart Local Government Summit is perfectly placed to help you network with, and learn from your peers from across Australia who are in the same position as you.

Having surveyed over 30,000 people involved in transforming our towns, cities and regions into smart, vibrant liveable and economically stable communities, we’ve uncovered what’s important to you and your citizens.  With that information, we’re curating content, inviting speakers and creating learning opportunities that will enable you to kick-start your own projects and ensure success.

We’ve listened to you.  We know that you want case studies that provide you with facts, figures and results.  We know that while the big picture strategic stuff is interesting, it doesn’t help you with your day to day challenges.  We know that for our cities and towns the content has to more hands on and with hard facts rather than fluff. We also know that more than 75% of you find it hard to cut through the hype to find information that delivers. Finally, we also know that it’s your peers that you turn to the most for help, but connecting with them can be difficult. Lets get together and make this happen.

This is your conference, it’s for our towns and cities, it’s an opportunity to gather the best information available (without the hype) from your peers from across the country.

Rydges on Swanston, Melbourne | Australia