Event date

The SDG Moment is an annual event mandated by Heads of State and Government in the 2019 SDG Summit political declaration. It aims to provide an “annual SDG check-in” and snapshot of progress, rather than a comprehensive picture of implementation. It will build on the most recent HLPF session, highlight shortfalls in implementation and investment, and showcase interventions underway to increase action.

Each year, approximately 20 Heads of State and Government will be able to speak. The proposed criteria for participation would require States to: be represented at the level of Head of State or Government; have completed at least one Voluntary National Review (VNR); and commit to discussing their implementation gaps as well as plans for filling those gaps. The line-up for each year also needs to ensure regional representation, gender balance, and representation of countries’ different circumstances.

In 2020, the SDG Moment will take place for three hours on the morning of Friday, 18 September. Most statements are expected to be delivered virtually, although the possibility of a hybrid format is being considered.