Event date
Cairo, Egypt

Egypt was one of the leading countries that adopted the directions of the global and Arab housing strategies by drawing a road map towards achieving the goals of adequate housing for all. In 2014, Egypt started preparing the Egyptian Housing Profile as a first step to monitor and analyze the sector’s components and challenges in Egypt. This was conducted with the participation of all governmental agencies, academic entities and representatives of relevant local communities. The profile was issued in 2016 in cooperation with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

Based on the profile, Egypt now leads the Arab countries and many countries internationally by Launching the National Housing Strategy, based on international human rights agreements and treaties. This strategy comes in light of the complex circumstances of the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which once again stressed the importance of empowering the right to adequate housing ‒healthy and safe for all. Egypt has endeavored to ensure that the national housing vision is integrated with the sectoral national visions, Egypt’s 2030 vision and the urban and economic development plans, to enhance the interrelationships between the sector and all relevant development and service sectors, and confirm the effectiveness and efficiency of the strategy.

The event will feature the launch of the National Housing Strategy, along with a discussion on challenges related to the housing system in Egypt, and the recommended policies to deal with them through four main topics: urban development areas, housing stock and vacant units, challenges and problems related to the low-income housing, and dimensions of sustainable development.