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Innovation and advancements in digital technology are transforming cities. They are transforming industries, the way we do business and the way we receive key basic services. Innovation and technology are also influencing urban development and the way cities are governed. Some are calling this the 4th Industrial revolution and with most of the world now urbanized, cities are where much of this revolution is taking place.

Innovation and digital technologies have created new communication and collaboration channels, allowing for new approaches to political engagement as well as participation in urban governance and development outcomes. Towns and cities around the world provide a dynamic setting to understand the nexus between innovation, digital technology and the empowerment of women and girls. Innovation and technology have the potential to serve as key drivers of change in cities and provide opportunities to reach women and girls, particularly those considered left behind.

This event aims to showcase a series of impactful initiatives that have used innovation and technology to change the lives of women and girls in cities. The event will focus on how the innovation or technology has improved participatory processes in planning, access to land and basic services, decision making in slum upgrading, and in participatory budgeting. The event will explore how innovation and technology can empower women and girls and contribute to the learning required to understand the principles and pre-conditions needed to deliver gender responsive technology and innovation.

Participants will learn more about practical and transformative innovations and digital technologies helping to deliver gender responsive cities. Participants will also learn about the principles and pre-conditions required to ensure the innovation and digital technologies deliver the gender responsive outcomes.

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For any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Angela Mwai at angela.mwai@un.org or write to unhabitat-hrsi@un.org.

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