Event date
UN-Habitat in collaboration with the European Commission, under the EU-funded project “URBAN 2030 - Monitoring and reporting of the urban and territorial dimensions of SDGs

Event Type: Expert Group Meeting

The workshop aims to improve methodologies and data coverage for Europe, and can provide inputs for the upcoming revision of the SDG indicators at the UN Statistical Commission.

On the air quality indicator, experts from the World Health Organization, the European Environment Agency and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission will present recent development and latest research. Citizen science initiatives from Brussels and around Europe will explain their criticism on the current approaches to measuring air quality and their contribution to improving measurements.

How to measure access to public space, and who actually uses public space are the main questions debated on the second day of the Expert Group Meeting. Experts from UN-Habitat and the European Commission will present the state of the art of the public space indicator for the SDG monitoring. While there is a validated approach to measure access to green public spaces using satellite imagery, it is more difficult to define other public spaces.  The World Bank will present recent research on how to identify public space through remote sensing; the tech companies OpenStreetMap and Digital Globe will present their approach in measuring and monitoring public space in open maps and satellite images; and finally, the city of Vienna will contribute with a social spatial analysis on who actually uses public space that is often designed by men for men.