Event date
Nairobi, Kenya

This Urban October, Dreamtown and Public Space Network Nairobi are launching a new collaboration: The Changing Faces Competition - Nairobi 2020 Edition! During the course of one year, starting October 2020, 300 young people from low-income communities in Nairobi will compete on who can develop the most inspiring public spaces. Through the Changing Faces Competition, the participants will go through three challenges, where youth groups in Nairobi demonstrate motivation and creativity, develop skills, transform sites in their community, and develop advocacy campaigns for increased access to public space and improved participation of civil society and young people in urban development. The project brings together youth groups in Nairobi, urban professionals, NGOs, government stakeholders, UN-Habitat, and other urban thinkers and doers - all together encouraging a youth-led, inclusive, and vibrant public space agenda. Across one year, project activities will include youth peer to peer learning, mentorship and site preparation, Urban Space Co-Design Workshop, transformation of public spaces, and advocacy boot camp and campaigns.

Want to take part? Register for the Changing Faces Competition and become a changemaker transforming Nairobi into a better place to live in! Do you have a place in mind that you want to transform into a beautiful and vibrant community spot? Whether it is a courtyard, a walkway, a river bank or any other public space and you have a vision for it, register for the next Changing Faces Competition! Keep in touch and stay updated at www.publicspacenetwork.org.