Event date

Held every two years, the GLTN Partner’s Meeting provides an opportunity for a Network-wide engagement to review the work done, realign priorities and forge a way forward for partners’ engagement in the delivery of the GLTN agenda. Since its formation, GLTN has organized seven Partners’ Meetings.

The 8th GLTN Partners’ Meeting 2020 happens at a most vulnerable and critical time in the recent human history. The global pandemic has posed tremendous challenges on governments, even more so in developing countries. Now, more than ever, collaboration and partnerships among many different sectors and actors are necessary. The work of Global Land Tool Network partners on security of tenure, housing rights and combatting forced evictions can help governments to develop effective policy measures and collaborative solutions in this respect.

 The main theme of the meeting is “Tenure security as a key element of COVID-19 response and impact mitigation”. The focus of the meeting will be on strategic decisions and policy directions of the Network, discussions on the implementation of the GLTN programme in the context of COVID19 pandemic and strengthening partnership and collaboration within the Network.