Event date
Paris, France

An ideal climate and energy policy regime should simultaneously address possibly conflicting objectives: ensuring energy security, promoting universal access to affordable energy services, and fostering greener and sustainable energy systems.
These policies notoriously have heterogeneous impacts on states, consumers, factor prices, energy technologies and existing assets like fossil reserves and carbon-intensive capital stock. Building credible and effective policies is a difficult task and needs to take into account geopolitical, economic and environmental realities to make them acceptable.

The conference provides a unique platform for academics, policy-makers and business leaders from around the world from all over the world to present and discuss the latest economic research on pressing energy issues in an open and nonpartisan setting. The conference also sends a particular welcome to the many environmental and natural resource economists working on these topics.

Paris has a distinctive identity that makes it an ideal location to foster these discussions. The city has been an academic hot spot for centuries and the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference made it an epicenter of climate policy. As a vibrant business capital, Paris is also home to a diverse energy sector and a unique collection of leading international organizations and think tanks.

Paris, France