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Evaluation of the UN-Habitat Sudan Country Programme 2012-2015, November 2015

This evaluation is part of UN-Habitat’s effort to perform systematic and timely evaluations of its programmes and to ensure that UN-Habitat’s evaluations provide full representation of its mandate and activities, including evaluation of work at country level and humanitarian and development interventions. The Sudan Country Programme Manager and the Regional Office commissioned the evaluation. The sharing of findings from this evaluation will inform the UNHabitat Country Office and UN-Habitat at large as well as key stakeholders, including the Sudanese partners and donor agencies on what was achieved and learned from the Sustainable Urban Development Programme in Sudan. The evaluation will

(i) inform key stakeholders on the achievements of key projects implemented in the Sudan portfolio during the period 2012-2015,

(ii) formulate lessons learned from these projects and

(iii) advise on the focus areas of the Programme.

The scope of the evaluation is two-pronged as it

(i) assesses four projects implemented during 2012-2015 in-depth and

(ii) also covers the wider history of the UN-Habitat Country Programme since the beginning of the UN-Habitat activities in Sudan.