ASUD Evaluation Report 3 2017_
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Evaluation of the UN-Habitat Programme for Achieving Sustainable Urban Development Phase 1 (3/2017)

The evaluation of the ASUD programme is to provide the agency, its governing bodies and donors with an independent and forward-looking appraisal of the agency’s operational experience, achievements, opportunities and challenges. What will be learned from the evaluation findings is expected to play an instrumental role in informing decisions of UN-Habitat in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda; in planning and programming projects, in improving strategies, adjusting and correcting as appropriate, exploiting opportunities, replicating
and up-scaling the implementation approach used, and generating credible value for targeted beneficiaries and addressing national priorities. The period of the evaluation covers the start of the ASUD programme in July 2011 up to July 2017 and at a time when the projects of the first phase of the programme are completed.