Eritrea - national and cities
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Eritrea: National and Cities Urban Profile

Urban Profiling is an assessment of needs and capacity building gaps at the city level. It is currently being implemented in over 20 countries in Africa and the Arab States. Urban Profiling uses a structured approach where priority interventions are agreed upon through consultative processes.

The Urban Profiling methodology consists of three phases

(1) A rapid participatory urban profiling, at national and local levels, focusing on Governance, Slums, Gender and HIV/AIDS , Environment, and proposed interventions

(2) Detailed priority proposals

(3) project implementation. RUSPS in Eritrea encompasses a national profile, and a single profile for the cities of Asmara, Massawa and Mendefera. This national report constitutes a general background, a synthesis of the four themes, Governance, Slums, Gender and HIV/AIDS , and Environment, and priority project proposals, both at national and city levels.