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Entrepreneurship Programming for Urban Youth Centres , Volume 4

The purpose of this Guide is to provide Urban Youth Centres, and municipalities in the process of setting up such Centres, with the following:

  • Context information about Urban Youth Centres and issues of youth-led development and under-employment in the urban setting, laying the groundwork for the Centre to implement its own Entrepreneurship Program
  • Practical advice for Centre Staff and Trainers on youth-led development, youth entrepreneurship programs, and effective training methods
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to effectively set up, roll out and then sustain an Entrepreneurship Program at an Urban Youth Centre
  • Helpful tools, templates and tips for getting started, running your program, tracking, monitoring and reporting

This manual exists as one of a growing library of materials produced by UNHABITAT for use by and in the One Stop and We Are the Future Urban Youth Centres.