This end-term Project evaluation of the “Fostering Tenure Security and Resilience of Palestinian Communities through Spatial-Economic Planning Interventions in Area C”, West Bank, Palestine for the period of 2017-2020 focused on the assessment of the results achieved and the lessons learnt from the implementation of the of the Project. 

This evaluation serves both accountability and learning purposes. It aimed at providing evidence on what was achieved, challenges and opportunities of the Project through its Project implementation cycle. The target audiences for the evaluation findings are the MoLG, EU, UN-Habitat and international and local implementing partners and other stakeholders.

This evaluation shows the intervention is ultimately a successful one that should be built on and replicated, given the continuous and urgent need for planning in Palestine and in particular in Area C, given the Israeli threats of annexation. The Project responded to the current needs and rights of the Palestinian population in Area C and strongly contributed to the Palestinian National Policy Agenda (2017–2022) to develop the most vulnerable communities in Palestine.