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Egypt Housing Profile

The preparation of the housing profile for countries is the first step within the overall framework of UN-Habitat's Global housing strategy, which aims to place "housing at the centre" for national and urban development as an imperative for comprehensive economic, environmental, cultural and social development. Egypt's housing file uses a comprehensive approach to factors affecting housing in the country, from housing, land, and construction financing to institutional, organizational and cultural conditions. it provides decision-makers with the right information in order to develop an effective policy. 

The profile addresses topics including housing policies, housing stock and housing production in Egypt, as well as estimating housing needs until 2030, housing demand and affordability, as well as other critical topics such as housing financing, urban planning, housing provision and many other issues related to the housing sector. This report is the basis for consultations, which have led to the identification of the overall framework of the Egyptian housing sector strategy, which integrates the views of all stakeholders and stakeholders.