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Dialogues on localizing the post 2015 development agenda

This report is based on a dialogue process through 2014,  whose  purpose  was  to  respond  to  the  following  questions:  how  will  the  Post-2015  Devel-opment Agenda be implemented at the local level?; what  local  governance  processes, tools, institutions, mechanisms, and other means of implementa-tion  are  needed  to  achieve  the  future  sustainable  development goals (SDGs)?; and how can the voices of local stakeholders be amplified and their inclusionin  intergovernmental  processes  be  supported?  Localization  is  an  important  element  of  effective  multi-level  governance,  and  provides  the  means  to  make  the  Post-2015  global  discussions  relevant  to  local populations in a framework of greater ownership