Name of Organization: La Floraison ( LA FLORAISON )

City: Baraka

Project Title: Projet de réinsertion socioéconomique de  jeunes défavorisés de la cité de Baraka.

(Draft socio-economic reintegration of disadvantaged youth of the City of Baraka)

Project details

The project aimed to create and increase the employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth of the city of Baraka.


Number of beneficiaries:

This aimed to reduce the vulnerability of 80 disadvantaged young people of the city of Baraka (unwed mothers, demobilized young school dropouts) while equipping the beneficiaries economic and basic skills in order to empower them  to create and / or find a job. Number of social enterprises seeded: 

The young beneficiaries of the project developed 12 youth businesses by pressing and supportingtheir operationsto improvetheirsocial welfare, cultural and economic. This has helped in creatingfinancial independence to the beneficiaries. Five of the training recipients were hired by local private companies.