Defining and Validating Urban-Rural Linkages Priorities in Zanzibar-Reflection Workshop
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Defining and Validating Urban-Rural Linkages Priorities in Zanzibar-Reflection Workshop

This workshop was divided into three sessions: Introducing Urbanrural linkages; Understanding Urban-rural linkages: Guiding Principles and framework for Action (URL-GP); and defining functional territories and identifying capacity gaps. This report presents the structure of the workshop and the key issues discussed. Discussions on functional territories focused on Zanzibar city (an urban area) and Wete in Pemba (a rural area) due to various flows of goods and services between the two. 

The reasons for the movement between the two territories were classified into four categories, namely: people; goods; waste; and information (see Annex 2). The challenges and recommendations were addressed for every category as indicated in Annex 3. Furthermore, the participants addressed opportunities for supporting the spatial flow for every category, as indicated in Annex 4. Three key challenges were identified for the functional territories: limited agro-processing activities, insufficient transportation systems and lack of infrastructure and services provision. 

These three key challenges were linked to the URL-GP Framework for Action (see Annex 5) Session three identified the capacity gaps related to one of the key challenges which are presented in Annex 6. The capacity gaps listed are cross-cutting for other key challenges which were identified during the second session. In conclusion, the workshop successfully identified and validated key URL priorities for Zanzibar.