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Decision Making in Metropolitan Governance

Through this research of 22 case studies in the 5 regions of the world based on the regulatory frameworks of metropolitan management, UN-Habitat in collaboration with the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, has identified the most important findings and trends on the regulation of decision-making in the metropolitan areas under study. 

This guide explores the most significant aspects of decision-making systems in metropolitan governance, addressing affairs such as legitimacy, democratic participation, transparency and their impact on the management of metropolitan territories. It also offers practical tools based on international trends and case study findings to facilitate inclusive and equitable processes. 

The case study identified key messages and policy recommendations, which seek to inspire and guide those who have the competence to make decisions on affairs of metropolitan interest, the authorities responsible for regulating metropolitan governance and the networks of cities and metropolises and stakeholders interested in metropolitan development, to promote and strengthen the formalization of governance mechanisms and the elements of the metropolitan decision-making system.