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Dadaab Future Vision: Enhancing Self-Reliance for Refugees and Hosting Communities in Garissa, Kenya

The EUTF Programme entitled ‘Enhancing self-reliance for refugees and host communities in Kenya’ aims to improve the capacity of national and county governments to support the development of all relevant sectors in Garissa and Turkana Counties in refugee management, in addition to the implementation of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) approaches.

Under the programme, UN-Habitat in collaboration with Garissa County Government has undertaken an exercise of future visioning for the host and refugee communities of Dadaab. 

This Dadaab Future Vision lays out the challenges and opportunities that the area of Dadaab face and proposes a new Vision of what the locality could become in 10-15 years’ time. The Vision was developed in line with a whole-of-society approach, informed by government and transnational policies, community perspectives and sound urban planning principles. The aim of the Vision is to understand how all the spatial, economic, environmental, and social-cultural layers interact and propose a pathway forward to capitalize on the opportunities available while making the most of all existing assets.

Following recent years marked by the compounding factors of protracted displacement, shifting national policies and the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, a plan to enable self-reliance and to chart a path towards a more sustainable future is all the more necessary.

The Dadaab Future Vision will be used to help inform and guide future development and will act as a basis for a detailed regeneration and consolidation plan for Dadaab, which will identify specific action areas and projects through which Dadaab Vision can become a reality.